Thursday, August 26

Qantas boosts flights on growing demand

As mentioned above, Qantas group has decided to increase the supply for domestic flight. Jet Star will raise its domestic capacity by about 30% in parallel to the rising demand. As such, 66000 extra seats will be provided across the two brands weekly. Qantas would bring 7 aircraft online and new service would begin next year from Brisbane.

This is indeed a good news for the future customers..i strongly believe that all of us will spend on Qantas domestic flight when we study there....We will rock the Australia.

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Friday, August 13

Daredevil tourists warned over hotel leaps

Have you ever think of crossing over the hotel leaps to jump into the pool? Currently, there is a Spanish hotel facing the problem of the craze of crossing the balcony leaps to get into the pool. According to the tourist authorities on the Balearic Island, there are already 4 lives and 30 accidents occurred on the island this year, and the "balconing' accident is reported every 2 days. It is indisputable that concerns need to be put on this issue. The hoteliers said most of the transgressors are people who were drunk or had taken heavy drugs. To tackle the problem, the hoteliers had participated in a campaign to combat loutishness, and they claimed that 'we will throw them out on the street if they do this kind of thing' as they are on the way to clean up hteir reputation.

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My comment:
They must be too hyped up as so they forget about their personal safety. Crossing the leaps to get into the pool is something fun, provided you are just one floor above the pool and the pool is right below your balcony, and it is a safe one!

Thursday, August 5

Mother became prostitute in Queensland to pay inner-city Sydney rent

Hiu Wa Tsang who aged 40 has to work as a prostitute in order to support her life in inner-city Sydney. She was pleaded guilty on 3 charged for knowingly participate in prostitution and found in the places used for prostitution, as mentioned by Townsville Bulletin. Too bad, $1000 fined was charge on her and she has to hand out the $1000 earned from prostitution too. This means that she has earned nothing with her body, instead end up paying more for her wrongdeeds. According to the duty lawyer Mr.Baldock, Ms tsang and her husband are having a hard time in inner-city of Sydney, her husband often out for work, and she has failed to find for a job due to the lack of english proficiency. The high living expenses and rent of $590 a week forced her to become a prostitute.

How awful the story is. My comment is, why dont they move to somewhere with lower standard of living? Perhaps Perth?

Wednesday, August 4

Australian tourist Tania Hearnden wakes from coma after horror cliff fall

24-year-old Tanis Hearntern who slipped and fell down from a 14m cliff woke up from coma in last morning. She was on a trip with her husband and she was about to jump off from a cliff near Dubronik. Yet, she paused and decided to hold herself back. Unfortunately, when she was walking away, she slipped and landed on rock on swallow water, with her ribs,arms, hips broken, and she lost her one kidney and spleen as well. The scene was so bloody that her face was broken into half. Her family transferred her from a hospital in melbourne to another hospital in Milan, as the new hospital has better experience in facial operations.
Tanis is recovering and she shows positive signs that gloat her family members. Some questions from her when she first wakes up are "was she a vegetable?","will she be able to have kids?" and "is her face and teeth fixable".
Glad that she is no longer in coma, and pray hard that she will recover soon, she was a pretty girl though.

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Thursday, July 29

Former girlfriend of Tasmanian murderer Stavros Papadopoulos wants to sell story

Jazmin Haygart who was the ex-girlfriend of a Tasmanian murderer Stavros Papadopoulos is planning to sell her story to a national magazine. Papadopoulos was sentenced to a life in prison for kidnapping, rapping and killing a 23-year-old accounting girl from China. Ms. Haygart who received a six-month suspended jail sentence after failing to report the killing of the China girl is so angry that the media has ruined her model life. During the murder night, Ms Haygart was not in the house, she was speding the whole wonderful night with her friends. As her model life has been ruined for suspected involving in the crime, she decided to sell her story to a national magazine, though there is no law against selling story. She claims that Papadopoulus was actually a lovely man, and he was not that bad as the one sketched by the newspapers.

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Tuesday, July 27

Dead boy in dryer 'playing hide-and-seek'

A 4-year-old kid was found dead in a drying machine after trapping inside the machine for an hour. His mother was away for shopping and he was supposed to be taken care by the elder sisters and brothers at home. Who knew the little kid decided to hide himself and surprise his family members, too bad he managed to reach the dryer, climbed into it and shut the door. His neighbour did not know the kid was trapped inside the tumble dryer. The kid's mum returned and found her son went missing, she,together with the policemen searched for him at the field nearby, and finally they found him breatheless inside the dryer. His mum was so depressed and awful for losing such a cute son.

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Thursday, July 22

Jetplace ordered to own up to adding fake profiles to dating site redhotpie

Jetplace, the owner of dating site has been forced by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to admit their anti-competition activity that added approximately 1371 fake profiles to its ‘Uncut” section.

Jetplace used the non-bona fide profiles to send flirts or customised messages to the registered users on the websites. Now, Jetplace was ordered to disclose the deception. Many online dating sites have created some fake profiles to keep an eye on their websites, so did Jetplace. Jetplace claimed that those profiles were created for security purpose.

However, this reason failed to convince the ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel. Immediate action will be taken by ACCC to acknowledge the consumers about the deception. Anybody who registered with the dating site between December 2004 and November 2008 will be greeted with Jetplace’s admission to deception upon their log on. Besides, Jetplace is required to :
• send a copy of the notice to the email address of each of those users,
• implement a corporate trade practices law compliance program, and;
• pay ACCC costs.

Refunds will be offered to those users who could prove that they were misled into paying for access to the site.

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